Frequently Asked Questions


How to subscribe to a MyBee vehicle?

It is very simple. To start your car subscription, click the “MY Account” button. Here, all you need to do is to create your account, and register your driving license, and a payment card.

Choose the car you prefer, subscription conditions that suit you (advance payment amount, rental period) and additional services. Confirm your choice and make the first payment – the car is yours!

Go to the specified vehicle’s location and unlock your MyBee car via website. You will find the keys and all of the documents inside the car.

Can legal entities rent a MyBee car?

Absolutely! All you have to do is fill out the form that is available on the page for business customers and MyBee team will contact you. We will create an account for you which you’ll be able to use for selecting and subscribing to prefered MyBee cars.

Can I subscribe to a MyBee car if I have previous financial obligations?

MyBee does not check a customer’s credit history and credit obligations, but reserves the right not to provide the service to a customer.

Do you need a good credit history to rent a MyBee car?

MyBee does not check a customer’s credit history and credit obligations, but reserves the right not to provide the service to a customer.

What do I need in order to make a MyBee car subscription?

Subscribing to a MyBee car is very
simple. All you need is to click the “MY Account” button. Here, all you need to do is to create your account, and register your driving license, and a payment card.

Is a driving license issued outside the country is valid?

Currently, we only accept driving license issued in Latvia.

Using MyBee cars

Is it possible to replace the MyBee car during the subscription period?

If you want to replace the car, you need to terminate the contract in accordance with the terms of the contract. Then you can pick up a new car.

To replace the car, contact MyBee team by e-mail or call +37128233888 (Call on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

I have exceeded or will exceed the set MyBee rental mileage. What can I do?

If you see that you will exceed the set rental mileage, there are two options available.
You can contact MyBee team at and ask to increase the mileage provided in the contract. Mileage adjustment conditions may differ from those specified on the website and page spreadsheet.

The second option is to provide an extra payment for exceeding the specified mileage upon returning the car. The price of additional mileage is EUR 0.15 per kilometer.

Is it possible to terminate a MyBee contract before the time specified in the contract?

Yes, but if you terminate the contract before the end of the subscription period, an administration fee of EUR 150 will be charged and the monthly pricing will be recalculated (the monthly payment depends on the length of the rental period).

To terminate the contract, contact MyBee team via e-mail at or call +37128233888, and we will provide you with the recalculated pricing! (Please call on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

How to unlock a MyBee car?

After arriving to the specified location, you can unlock your new MyBee car through MyBee account on the website.

Click “Unlock” and the car will unlock. Car keys and necessary documents can be found inside the car.

After unlocking a MyBee car through the app for the first time, you’ll later be able to lock and unlock the vehicle in one of two ways – with either the web or the car keys.

Who is responsible for refueling a MyBee car? How much fuel is in the car upon pick up?

You are responsible for refueling. When you pick up your MyBee car, it will be filled with the standard amount of fuel that is suggested by the car manufacturer for sufficient for transportation. We recommend that you check the fuel level and fuel up after picking up the car.

How to pick up a MyBee car?

MyBee car will be waiting for you after the first payment (advance payment, contract fee or first month’s payment). After the payment you can go to the specified MyBee parking lot where you will find the car you selected.

You can see the exact location of the parking lot on the website next to the MyBee car of your choice.

When you arrive to your new MyBee car, unlock it by using your MyBee account on the website. Inside the car you will find all of the necessary documents and car keys.

Can I buy a MyBee car before the end of the subscription period?

This option is available. If you would like to purchase the car please contact MyBee team by sending an e-mail at: informing that you are interested in terminating the chosen subscription to purchase the car.

We will calculate the offered sale price and get back to you.

When can I pick up the car from the MyBee parking lot?

You can collect the car 24/7, but we strongly recommend you to do it during our business hours.

In case you have questions or need help with the car pick-up, we can consult on all matters during our business hours.

Payment and other charges

Are there other methods of payment for MyBee car available other than a payment card?

Yes! It is possible to make a payment by a bank transfer.

Make a transfer to LV71UNLA0055003167908 bank account number.

If you are a natural person and choose to pay via bank transfer, please inform us after making payment each time.

I am unable to pay the advance payment even though the card balance is sufficient. What should I do?

Please check whether your payment card has a transaction limit.

You can manage this limit by logging in to your bank account.

Returning the car

Can I buy a MyBee car at the end of the subscription period?

Yes, you have the option of purchasing the rental car at the agreed purchase price at the end of the subscription period.

Please notify MyBee team via the e-mail address: no later than 1 month before the end of the subscription period and we will take care of everything!

What happens if the MyBee car has defects at the end of the subscription period?

At the end of the subscription period, the customer must deliver the car to the place specified by the Rental Supplier, where the car will be inspected and assessed on the basis of the natural and unnatural depreciation assessment guide prepared by the Latvian Auto-entrepreneurs Association:

It is understood that the car can incur certain wear, but scratches and dents on the car will be assessed according to this guide.

How to return a MyBee car at the end of the subscription period?

At the end of the subscription period, the customer must deliver the car to the location specified by MyBee team.

At the end of the subscription period, you will be contacted to agree on the place and time of the car return.

At that location, the car will be inspected on the basis of the natural and unnatural depreciation assessment guide prepared by the Latvian Auto-entrepreneurs Association:

Insurance and traffic accidents

Are MyBee cars insured?

During the subscription period, MyBee’s car has mandatory liability and KASKO insurance, so you don’t have to worry about insurance.

What to do if your MyBee car is damaged?

If no other road users are involved or other property is damaged, take photos, record the time and location and be sure to notify MyBee within 24 hours at

If the car is not drivable, use MyBee’s 24/7 roadside assistance, call +371 28233888 and select key 3, the car will be taken to the service. Before towing the car, take pictures, record the time and place and be sure to inform MyBee the same day at:

NOTE: If the accident is caused by the user of the car or by a third party, the user is liable to a franchise of EUR 300.

Is there an option of a replacement car while my MyBee car is in the car service?

If you have selected the “Replacement Car” service, you will receive a EUR 270 voucher for CityBee services in case you need a replacement car

Use this voucher based on your needs, and select the most suitable car for you.

The service applies: in case of a breakdown of your car and inability to continue the trip, or when the duration of the car repair is longer than 1 day.

You can contact us for a replacement car during working hours by e-mail:

Car maintenance and additional services

Who is responsible for MyBee car maintenance and repair? Is it MyBee or a customer?

It depends on whether you have selected the service “Technical maintenance and repair of wear parts”. If you have selected this service, during the subscription period, you can bring the car in for maintenance or repairs to MyBee partner showrooms if the car’s brake pads, wipers or lamps are worn out, or if the car was due for maintenance, at MyBee’s expense (see the service’s description).

If you have not selected the additional service “Technical maintenance and repair of wear parts”, you must take care of the car’s maintenance and repairs yourself at the official representative of the rental car brand.

Is parking in the city with a MyBee car free of charge?

Unfortunately, you have to pay for parking when driving a MyBee car.

What warranty applies to MyBee cars?

MyBee cars come with a manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty depends on the car brand. You can find out the exact warranty conditions by contacting an official representative of your vehicle.



Other questions

Can I affix extra stickers to the MyBee car if needed?

To affix additional stickers or attributes on to a MyBee car, you must obtain consent from MyBee.

Please send your request to consent price: EUR 30.

When returning the MyBee car at the end of the subscription period, all stickers must be removed and the car must be free of any adhesive residue or marks (except for the official MyBee sticker).

Can I remove the MyBee sticker from the car?

Yes, the sticker can be removed, but the customer is responsible for ensuring that the sticker is removed professionally without leaving any adhesive residue.

Can another person (family member, employee, etc.) drive the MyBee car?

Yes, during the MyBee car subscription period, the car can be driven by persons other than the person in whose name the car has been rented.

Please be reminded that you cannot use a MyBee car to teach persons, who do not hold driving licenses, driving. Also, you cannot rent the car.

Can I travel abroad with MyBee cars?

With MyBee, you can travel within the European Union freely. You only need to inform us when traveling outside Baltic countries.

If you are planning to travel outside of the EU, please contact MyBee team at:

The fee for traveling outside EU territory is 30 Eur.

There are no cars I want to rent among the available MyBee cars. Is it possible to order it or get informed about its inclusion in the MyBee fleet?

If you do not see your dream car among the cars currently offered by MyBee, please contact us at:

We will evaluate your request and take it into account when introducing new cars in the future.

At your request, we will inform you about new cars to be introduced in the future.

Why is it possible that a MyBee car has been registered several months ago if it is new?

To ensure that you can pick up your MyBee car here and now, some cars are registered in advance, but will never be registered more than 6 months ahead.

In addition, the mileage of MyBee cars at pick-up will not exceed 300 km.

What system is built into MyBee cars and why?

MyBee car has a built-in telemetry system, which is the reason why the customer can pick up the car themselves, as well as unlock and lock the car via your account on MyBee website.